Let’s Talk

It’s been awhile since I’ve spoken to you. I missed you so much.  I know you are thinking I couldn’t have missed you because my actions didn’t show it.  You’re right! I’m not here to argue my case.  I’m not here to say I’m sorry.  I just want to talk to you.  I want to hear your voice.  I want to feel you again.  But let’s talk first.

I have to know, even without me, you are able to hold up well.  There are so many things going on in life.  The smallest things become the biggest issues.  That is still not an excuse to push you to the side. I’m not saying that these issues are more important than you.  Nothing is more important than you.  I considered them to be temporary problems that I could resolve quickly and return back to what I love doing the most. Pleasing you!  I often assume that you will always be there.  You aren’t going anywhere.  I didn’t want to let you go.  But time passes… A day becomes a week. A week becomes a month. And before I can eliminate my temporary problems, neglecting you becomes permanent.

What can I promise you to make you feel better?  Would you prefer that I just rip your clothes off?  Honestly, I would like that.  Do you trust me with your heart?  If I were you, I wouldn’t trust me right now.  I chased you.  I made you feel good.  I allowed you to take down your wall and let me in.  You gave me all of you.  Lord knows how difficult that was for you.  Afraid to let another in after being hurt so many times before.  I took that for granted.  Again, I assume you will always be there for me.  So ensure me I’m right and tell me that you will be there whenever I need you.  Make me feel good.  This isn’t about you.  This isn’t about us.  This is about me.  Me! Me! Me!  Me, taking the responsibility of doing right by you.  I’m not saying I’m sorry.  I will fix this.  I will show you how special you are. 

Times have changed.  I have given up all other social media.  This is the only place to find me.  So let’s talk. How are you doing?  What have you been up to? Can I be your ear to vent to?  Let’s find the solution to maintaining your happiness.  What does a woman want from her man?  Tell me!  Let’s just talk…

Black Phoenix



…Baby, Bend Over…Let Me See Ya….

Guess who’s back? First, apologies for my absence, sometimes life takes over and things get postponed. With that said, I am happy to pick up where I have left off…which was where exactly? Not sure because I never have much of a plan as its is always random thoughts that pop into my head.

I was recently thinking about positions and which positions I enjoy now versus my youth. I do not really know if it is really related to age but I think when we are young, we think we can do ANYTHING! LITERALLY! We will twist, turn, stand up, sit down, bend over, lean back, and damn near break our neck.

Partially, I still feel this way as we all want to please our partner. But just like my time constraints mentioned in a previous post…I have limitations as to how many positions I am interested in doing. The end product is always the same, so why must we take the long route to get there? If the pussy is good, we don’t need to do all that. Of course, I will repeat, changing it up is necessary from time to time to avoid “routine”, but not EVERYDAY. Can’t a chic just get some simple missionary or give you a good ride?

Remember K.I.S.S (Keep It Simple Stupid)…it goes a long way!


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Get IT Right, Get IT Tight!!!

Ladies…I am not going to sugar coat this next topic because I feel like it’s detrimental to any successful sexual relationship.  We have to give men what they want which is (are you ready?)….<drumroll>….a TIGHT WET pussy!!

No man wants to just fall in and as a woman, you should want to feel every inch of him.  Every time you have sex should feel like the first time minus the pain and/or bleeding…but really that is the goal.  Well, maybe that’s just MY goal.

I will just let you know at least two things that are full proof, hands down the best ways to achieve this.

First thing…Kegels.  This should be the most important exercise of the day that should be done everyday.  The best part is that you can do it at any time of the day.  Of course, most women know about Kegels so I will not tell you how to do them. I am just saying you MUST do them.

Second…hydrate, hydrate, hydrate!  Water is the key to our bodily functions and a wet pussy is one of them!  Trust me, I drink a gallon daily.  There is no better feeling than that moment a man is inside of you and lets you know how wet it is.

Really these two things are no-brainers and I hope are a part of every woman’s routine not just for sexual pleasure but overall health.  So, drink your water and squeeze those muscles.  Cause when you squeeze their dick, he may just come quick….and then you can rest to do it all over again.


…It’s Been a Long Time

Time is a funny thing as sometimes we tend to forget how quickly it goes, and once we notice, we break into a long soliloquy as to how precious it is and should enjoy every moment as it comes.

I totally agree that time is precious and all…. MY time should also not be wasted. I have heard women go on and on about how they don’t want no minute man and on the same hand, men believe that they have to fuck like it’s a goddamn marathon.

What does fucking for hours actually achieve? Other than dry mouth and sweat? Or to see how many ways your body can be contorted?

Personally, I have a time limit. I make it known to most guys that I do not like to exceed 20 minutes, and most times, they think I am joking. Whilst in the act, they soon learn that I am not. Boredom strikes and frustration sets in……wooooouuuulllllld you puhleeeeeeze BUST A NUT!!! I literally shut down and the constant stroking is like hearing the sound of the second hand of your watch tick-tick-tick…..okay, maybe it’s not quite that bad.

Point is…the end result is the same right? So, why prolong it? It is interesting that I read in the magazine, Men’s Health, that the minimum duration of sex including seduction, foreplay, and intercourse should be about 30 minutes. The heavens opened up!!! YES!! It also noted that the average man last about 14 minutes during intercourse (well, bring him over here) and that men do not have to go that long to satisfy a woman. YES!! I do not need you huffin’ and puffin’ over me, on the side of me, or behind me for hours!

Now, for those of you that like those long, drawn out sexcapades….have at it! AS for me, I will be sitting pretty and/or possibly spooning for approximately 10 minutes after my 20 minutes or less sexual cardio session has ended.


Say Whaaaat???

I recently did a survey with some of my male friends and associates and they gave me some excellent information. Ladies, I got my hands on some inside information and guess what? We don’t have a clue! Thank you to all who responded to my request for your truths. I appreciate it and I don’t think I would have been able to put this article together without you. I asked the following questions. After the question I will put the condensed version of the answers I received.  Enjoy!

1.  Other than her having a vagina, after meeting a woman for the first time, what would make you want to have sex with her?

Ladies, first impressions are EVERYTHING. This is where you can make or break that first connection. From the answers I got on the survey, men love a nice looking woman, let’s just put the shit out there. They love eye candy, they want to see an attractive woman standing before them. Dress nice and age appropriate. Smell nice. Not too much makeup. A lot of the guys said they love ‘no makeup’ but in my opinion, I don’t think they’ve seen many chicks completely make up free and wouldn’t enjoy that as much as they think they would. While most women think that a man pays attention to only looks on the first encounter, that couldn’t be further from the truth. Men want to listen to a woman speak so they can hear how intelligent she is.  Nobody wants a dummy. Ignorance is not bliss and it is not attractive.
2. Do you expect to have sex on the first date? Do you want to have sex on the first date?

I think this was the question with the most honest answers. It’s plain and simple on this one ladies, men do not expect sex on the first date. They go on the first date to enjoy the date, to get to know you and feel you out, not to fuck you. Sadly, it’s like an interview.
They want to have sex on the first date but it is not at all expected. Most of the guys interviewed even said sex being offered on a first date is a complete turn off and there wouldn’t be a second date. The reason for this is: imagine how many first dates a woman goes on…if she gets down with every man she goes on a date with her ‘number’ skyrockets. Guys like freaks but they don’t like freaks that everybody has had a taste of.  Speaking of taste…
3. Is oral sex acceptable the first time you have sex?

This one is going to hurt ladies. Go get a tissue. I’ll give you a minute…

Okay, the guys don’t want to do it the first time. Period. They just don’t want to and they don’t feel like it’s necessary. This can be party due to the woman not being demanding about it but whatever. It is what it is. They don’t want to do it the first time and they aren’t going to do it the first time. (Unless there’s some lying going on…)  BUT…there’s ALWAYS a big BUT…they will certainly accept it if you are willing to go there. (Go figure!) I don’t know what kind of perks this gets you later on down the line. I got one reply from a man that said he would do it only if he knew for sure he would get it in return. Then 2 guys said they would do it absolutely, hands down. But that’s out of the 20 people I asked so those chances SUCK…no pun intended…

4. What determines if you have sex a second time?

This is the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Most of the guys surveyed said they would always do it a second time no matter what the first time was like. The fear is that the second time may be better and if they just let her go, they will never experience that. The rest of the guys said if there is no sexual chemistry, why waste the time? Here I learned that guys do like passion and sensuality. It’s not just a fuck to them. They are having sex with all the senses. Tantalize all of them!

5. When you meet a woman, what’s the first 3 physical traits you look at?

The replies to this question shocked me the most. While the media has these chicks thinking these guys are honed in on tits and ass it’s the little things that count. Okay, you know some of the guys can’t help themselves and they are going for the tits and ass no matter what BUT that doesn’t determine if a woman is attractive to them. The physical traits men pay attention to are as follows in no particular order.
-EYES!!! This was the number one answer. All but 2 of the guys had eyes in their list of 3 things. I don’t know what it is about the eyes either, nobody elaborated.  I would love comments on this one. Is it the shape, color, make up?
-‘body’ (whatever that means)
-hair/nails: with this one, guys don’t like extremes. No extreme styles or colors. Hair and nails is what the fellas said could embarrass him the most. They don’t like excessive or long weaves.  Guys like braids believe it or not.
-Intellect, job, career (not physical but this answer was frequent)
-Ass: and they want it to be yours, no implants, no injections, no booty enhancing underwear
-Sense of Humor (again, not physical but I got this answer a few times)
-Smell: step your perfume game up, ladies.

6. If a woman isn’t attractive to your standards, name 3 things that would still make you want to have sex with her.

Beer, wine and hard liquor was the funniest answer I got to this question. Bottom line on this one is that most guys aren’t willing to lower their physical standards for a piece of ass. Being under the influence will certainly have them shagging chicks they wouldn’t normally be getting down with. A few guys said that if a women just wants to have sex with no strings attached, they would do it just to do it. This is where having a good sense of humor comes in. Even if you aren’t all that physically attractive, crack a joke, it just may get you laid tonight.  Apparently guys love to laugh.  When I get on a roll, I think I am a comedian.  I’ll laugh all the way to the bedroom…
So, what do you think about the answers I received?  Agree, disagree?  Fellas, I would love to hear your answers to the questions. Maybe you feel different, have a different perspective. If you want to give me your answers in private, email me at valentinevixen@readtheselipz.com.  Make sure your answers correspond with the numbers of the questions.  I don’t have time to try to decipher your sexual preference report.

Ladies, I will be surveying you next with a whole new set of questions.  Fellas, BOLO for those answers, you might learn something the same way I did.  I hope this information was helpful to the ladies.

This is a blogpost I think there will be a follow up story on. Hopefully it will be soon.

Kiss the clover!


SIZE! What Is It Good For…?

Not sure if anyone heard the story of the African wife who asked for an annulment because her husband’s dick was too big. Of course, there were endless jokes about this woman and her inability to “take that dick.” The jokes were intertwined with the matter-of-fact statements of that’s what EVERY woman wants.

Is it? Is it what EVERY woman wants? Segue to the age old question of “Does size really matter?”

Women love, love, love to talk about dicks! If any woman would like to pretend that she does not discuss size, shape, texture, color, etc. with girlfriends is a lie and the truth ain’t in her! Size matters in conversations with our girlfriends and in conversations with our boyfriends, it’s about performance, not size. Note: Bruised egos are never what we seek…unless he’s become the absolute scum of the earth.

I will admit size DOES matter.  Hands down!! It does!! The important part to this is WHY it matters.  I have experienced a plethora of dicks…okay, maybe not that many but enough to make my statement valid.

Example A:  Close your eyes. Imagine the feeling of a man’s fingers inside of you when he wants to play with your pussy while you suck his dick, now open your eyes and see that it is actually his dick. WTF! That’s what I said! He huffed and puffed and pumped and pumped like he was blowing my back out.  Words cannot describe how incredibly disappointing that was…he was cute and that’s all I can say about that.

Example B:  Now, no need to close your eyes this time because this other dick was THA TRUTH! Then it was attached to an absolute Adonis in impeccable shape with a panty-dropping smile. And then….we had sex. It was like someone giving you a gift, and you’re still trying to figure out what to do with it. That’s how he fucked. He was a “sticker.” Just bam, bam, bam (in my John Weatherspoon voice). Not only was I totally deflated by that performance but I walked funny for at least two days.

These are definitely on two ends of the spectrum, but let me explain why size matters. We want a size we can feel.  We also want a size that can work with us. We want our pussy to curve to the dick! (YES, that’s the coldest line from The Best Man!) EVERY woman wants this!! And when we get it, we never want to let it go!!

So…I empathized for that woman because her husband’s dick did not do that for her. I hope she finds the right dick. Oopsies, I meant the right man.

Please feel free to leave comments below or email me at creolelolita@readtheselipz.com.




Shut up! Face the wall and put your hands up. Spread your legs. Where were you at approximately 1:30 PM this afternoon? There are complaints that you were causing commotion and stopping me from getting any work done. All I could do was think of you. In most situations this would not be a crime. Unfortunately for you, I decide what is and is not a crime around here. Therefore, I have this search warrant to see if you’re in possession of my mind.

I’ll start by kissing you behind the ear. I have to make sure you don’t have any dangerous pheromones on. I feel your temperature rising. With your hands up and against the wall, I place my palms on the back of your hands and simultaneously run them from the fingertips to your shoulder blades. I press my thumbs inwards from your shoulder blades to the center of your back. I reach around to check your front side. I think I feel something. There is no way I can search you properly if this is how it’s going to be. There is a need to strip search you. I unbutton the top button followed by a kiss on the back of your neck. I take the next button followed by another kiss. As I move my way down the buttons, I open your blouse. The more buttons means the lower I kiss you. I remove your top and you’re in your bra. Every man should be able to remove a bra with one hand so I use one hand to snap your bra off and the other to unbutton your pants. I remove your bra and unzip your pants at the same damn time.

I move in closer to examine you. I keep one hand on your breast. With my free hand, I put two fingers on each side of your pussy. I cuff your pussy tight enough for you to feel the pressure but not tight enough to fright you. While cuffing you with my fingers, I take my thumb and press your midsection backwards to force your ass out and against me. Just like your shirt, your pants need to come off. I drop to my knees and pull your pants down evenly. I can’t help but to notice those cute little dimples above your ass. I kiss the right side. I kiss the left side. I continue to pull your pants down. I remove your pants and leave your thong on. Some things are meant to stay on until the last second. I stand back up and continue my search. I slide your thong to the side. I run my fingers south.

Well! Well! Well! What do we have here? Why are you so wet? If you were so innocent, I wouldn’t have you so wet right now. What should I do with you? No! Shut up! You are under arrest. It doesn’t matter what you did. The only thing that matters right now is how you make me feel. I feel like locking you up. I’ll take you to the holding cell and remove your thong. You can wait on the bed as I determine your sentence. Lay on your back. Let your hands and feet touch the corners of the bed as much as possible. Trust me! I can get you out of this mess that you’ve gotten yourself into. Don’t blame me for you staying on my mind all day long. It’s your fault.  Wit cha fine ass!  Now you have to serve hard time.

You are so attractive lying there naked. I know you are ready to be paroled for good behavior so I won’t waste anymore of your time. I get on top of you. I lock my fingers with yours. I pull toward you. Your juices have eliminated the need for any other lubricants. I take two fingers and insert them inside of you. I give you five short strokes with my fingers to loosen you up. On my way from pulling my fingers out of you, I spread my fingers wide. Instead of inserting a third finger, I thrust my dick inside of you. You brace yourself for impact. I push in deeper. I pull back but not out. You dig into my back. I push in deeper. You used to be so strong. Now you’re feeling weak. I have you right where I want you. I pull out and get up. Take that!

The justice system is not fair. Nor shall I be. You can’t stay on my mind all day and think there are no consequences to pay. You must obey the law. Read These Lipz… Stay Outta My Head!!!!

Should I continue? Do you want Black Phoenix to get back on top? What happens next? Want more?  Comment below and let me know.


Point, Blank, Period

Now is not the time. We can’t do it. Aunt Flo is in town. These are just a few of the lines that a man hates to hear when he is ready to have sex and his lady can’t participate. Most men would put on the pouting face and retreat. Some men would decide to go with the ‘I can do myself’ operation. I am not most men. I am not some men. Read these lips… I am Mr. Nasty. I don’t accept excuses and when it’s time to burn some sexual calories then we are going to make it shake… point, blank, period.

I like to study people. I pay attention to. Your favorite color being pink shit? That’s the easy stuff. I will know what you like to wear. I will know when you’re feeling any kind of way without you telling me. I will even know you well enough to know when your time is coming. I notice shit like a woman is the horniest four to five days before her period. This is the time she comes seeking the dick. Tell a woman you want her right before her period begins and she’d probably beat you to the meeting spot. A woman will steal the dick before her period comes.

Majority of society would frown upon having sex while a woman is on her period. I’m a menace to society. It all started when we were hot and heavy after a long day of shit talking. You know! That Black Phoenix getting nasty talk. During kissing, I reach down to take her belt off. I remove the belt and started to unzip her pants. She grabs my hand and moves them back up to her breasts. Soooo my thinking is that she’s just not ready and I have to put in a little more work. I continue to kiss on her and she’s squirming. I know she wants it. I reached down to unzip her pants again and the last thing I wanted to hear flew out of her mouth – I would fuck you but I’m on my period.

Wait! Hold up! Time out! What the fuck did she just say? Flashback – as “boys”, we often bragged to each other how we fucked her and made her bleed. It was considered more of a badge of honor that we destroyed the pussy. Remember I said as “boys”. We did boyish shit. We knew nothing. Now back to this moment…

I reached down to unzip her pants again and the last thing I wanted to hear flew out of her mouth – I would fuck you but I’m on my period. Please!!! Understand who you are fucking with before you fuck with them. Being a quick thinker, I responded ‘I don’t see any blood coming out of your mouth. I don’t see any blood dripping from your hands. I doubt you’re bleeding from your ass.’ I was letting her know that she had three general options from the “WE’RE DOING SOMETHING DAMMIT!” Playbook. I was getting mine and it was either coming way of her mouth, her hand, or her ass. Pick one.

I was expecting many different replies from her. I thought it would range from ‘let’s just wait’ to ‘ok, I’ll suck your dick’. Maybe a slim chance that she says put it in her ass. What I wasn’t expecting was to hear her say that she still wanted it and she wanted me inside her now. What do I do? Do I run out? Do I play dead? Think, man!!! Is that my phone ringing? Do I finish what I started? Think, man, think!!! My solution was to march my ass in the bathroom and get that dark colored towel and lay it down under her ass. She got that treatment package minus the lickin’. I don’t eat red food at other people’s house.

Today’s lesson is not complicated. Let your views be that of your own. Don’t let society tell you when and when not to have sex. Sometimes, in life, things get messy. You still have to complete the job and cleanup afterwards. She wanted the dick. It was my duty to give it to her. I had an obligation to please her no matter what the barrier was. She asked for the dick and I had to deliver. Point, blank, period.

What are your thoughts? Is sex restricted during her period? If so, I’m a repeat offender. Are you nasty too? Maybe it is disgusting. Whatever your case may be, the next time a period comes around you will think about Black Phoenix.

Stay Moist!