…It’s Been a Long Time

Time is a funny thing as sometimes we tend to forget how quickly it goes, and once we notice, we break into a long soliloquy as to how precious it is and should enjoy every moment as it comes.

I totally agree that time is precious and all…. MY time should also not be wasted. I have heard women go on and on about how they don’t want no minute man and on the same hand, men believe that they have to fuck like it’s a goddamn marathon.

What does fucking for hours actually achieve? Other than dry mouth and sweat? Or to see how many ways your body can be contorted?

Personally, I have a time limit. I make it known to most guys that I do not like to exceed 20 minutes, and most times, they think I am joking. Whilst in the act, they soon learn that I am not. Boredom strikes and frustration sets in……wooooouuuulllllld you puhleeeeeeze BUST A NUT!!! I literally shut down and the constant stroking is like hearing the sound of the second hand of your watch tick-tick-tick…..okay, maybe it’s not quite that bad.

Point is…the end result is the same right? So, why prolong it? It is interesting that I read in the magazine, Men’s Health, that the minimum duration of sex including seduction, foreplay, and intercourse should be about 30 minutes. The heavens opened up!!! YES!! It also noted that the average man last about 14 minutes during intercourse (well, bring him over here) and that men do not have to go that long to satisfy a woman. YES!! I do not need you huffin’ and puffin’ over me, on the side of me, or behind me for hours!

Now, for those of you that like those long, drawn out sexcapades….have at it! AS for me, I will be sitting pretty and/or possibly spooning for approximately 10 minutes after my 20 minutes or less sexual cardio session has ended.