Get IT Right, Get IT Tight!!!

Ladies…I am not going to sugar coat this next topic because I feel like it’s detrimental to any successful sexual relationship.  We have to give men what they want which is (are you ready?)….<drumroll>….a TIGHT WET pussy!!

No man wants to just fall in and as a woman, you should want to feel every inch of him.  Every time you have sex should feel like the first time minus the pain and/or bleeding…but really that is the goal.  Well, maybe that’s just MY goal.

I will just let you know at least two things that are full proof, hands down the best ways to achieve this.

First thing…Kegels.  This should be the most important exercise of the day that should be done everyday.  The best part is that you can do it at any time of the day.  Of course, most women know about Kegels so I will not tell you how to do them. I am just saying you MUST do them.

Second…hydrate, hydrate, hydrate!  Water is the key to our bodily functions and a wet pussy is one of them!  Trust me, I drink a gallon daily.  There is no better feeling than that moment a man is inside of you and lets you know how wet it is.

Really these two things are no-brainers and I hope are a part of every woman’s routine not just for sexual pleasure but overall health.  So, drink your water and squeeze those muscles.  Cause when you squeeze their dick, he may just come quick….and then you can rest to do it all over again.