Shut up! Face the wall and put your hands up. Spread your legs. Where were you at approximately 1:30 PM this afternoon? There are complaints that you were causing commotion and stopping me from getting any work done. All I could do was think of you. In most situations this would not be a crime. Unfortunately for you, I decide what is and is not a crime around here. Therefore, I have this search warrant to see if you’re in possession of my mind.

I’ll start by kissing you behind the ear. I have to make sure you don’t have any dangerous pheromones on. I feel your temperature rising. With your hands up and against the wall, I place my palms on the back of your hands and simultaneously run them from the fingertips to your shoulder blades. I press my thumbs inwards from your shoulder blades to the center of your back. I reach around to check your front side. I think I feel something. There is no way I can search you properly if this is how it’s going to be. There is a need to strip search you. I unbutton the top button followed by a kiss on the back of your neck. I take the next button followed by another kiss. As I move my way down the buttons, I open your blouse. The more buttons means the lower I kiss you. I remove your top and you’re in your bra. Every man should be able to remove a bra with one hand so I use one hand to snap your bra off and the other to unbutton your pants. I remove your bra and unzip your pants at the same damn time.

I move in closer to examine you. I keep one hand on your breast. With my free hand, I put two fingers on each side of your pussy. I cuff your pussy tight enough for you to feel the pressure but not tight enough to fright you. While cuffing you with my fingers, I take my thumb and press your midsection backwards to force your ass out and against me. Just like your shirt, your pants need to come off. I drop to my knees and pull your pants down evenly. I can’t help but to notice those cute little dimples above your ass. I kiss the right side. I kiss the left side. I continue to pull your pants down. I remove your pants and leave your thong on. Some things are meant to stay on until the last second. I stand back up and continue my search. I slide your thong to the side. I run my fingers south.

Well! Well! Well! What do we have here? Why are you so wet? If you were so innocent, I wouldn’t have you so wet right now. What should I do with you? No! Shut up! You are under arrest. It doesn’t matter what you did. The only thing that matters right now is how you make me feel. I feel like locking you up. I’ll take you to the holding cell and remove your thong. You can wait on the bed as I determine your sentence. Lay on your back. Let your hands and feet touch the corners of the bed as much as possible. Trust me! I can get you out of this mess that you’ve gotten yourself into. Don’t blame me for you staying on my mind all day long. It’s your fault.  Wit cha fine ass!  Now you have to serve hard time.

You are so attractive lying there naked. I know you are ready to be paroled for good behavior so I won’t waste anymore of your time. I get on top of you. I lock my fingers with yours. I pull toward you. Your juices have eliminated the need for any other lubricants. I take two fingers and insert them inside of you. I give you five short strokes with my fingers to loosen you up. On my way from pulling my fingers out of you, I spread my fingers wide. Instead of inserting a third finger, I thrust my dick inside of you. You brace yourself for impact. I push in deeper. I pull back but not out. You dig into my back. I push in deeper. You used to be so strong. Now you’re feeling weak. I have you right where I want you. I pull out and get up. Take that!

The justice system is not fair. Nor shall I be. You can’t stay on my mind all day and think there are no consequences to pay. You must obey the law. Read These Lipz… Stay Outta My Head!!!!

Should I continue? Do you want Black Phoenix to get back on top? What happens next? Want more?  Comment below and let me know.


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