Let’s Talk

It’s been awhile since I’ve spoken to you. I missed you so much.  I know you are thinking I couldn’t have missed you because my actions didn’t show it.  You’re right! I’m not here to argue my case.  I’m not here to say I’m sorry.  I just want to talk to you.  I want to hear your voice.  I want to feel you again.  But let’s talk first.

I have to know, even without me, you are able to hold up well.  There are so many things going on in life.  The smallest things become the biggest issues.  That is still not an excuse to push you to the side. I’m not saying that these issues are more important than you.  Nothing is more important than you.  I considered them to be temporary problems that I could resolve quickly and return back to what I love doing the most. Pleasing you!  I often assume that you will always be there.  You aren’t going anywhere.  I didn’t want to let you go.  But time passes… A day becomes a week. A week becomes a month. And before I can eliminate my temporary problems, neglecting you becomes permanent.

What can I promise you to make you feel better?  Would you prefer that I just rip your clothes off?  Honestly, I would like that.  Do you trust me with your heart?  If I were you, I wouldn’t trust me right now.  I chased you.  I made you feel good.  I allowed you to take down your wall and let me in.  You gave me all of you.  Lord knows how difficult that was for you.  Afraid to let another in after being hurt so many times before.  I took that for granted.  Again, I assume you will always be there for me.  So ensure me I’m right and tell me that you will be there whenever I need you.  Make me feel good.  This isn’t about you.  This isn’t about us.  This is about me.  Me! Me! Me!  Me, taking the responsibility of doing right by you.  I’m not saying I’m sorry.  I will fix this.  I will show you how special you are. 

Times have changed.  I have given up all other social media.  This is the only place to find me.  So let’s talk. How are you doing?  What have you been up to? Can I be your ear to vent to?  Let’s find the solution to maintaining your happiness.  What does a woman want from her man?  Tell me!  Let’s just talk…

Black Phoenix



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Shut up! Face the wall and put your hands up. Spread your legs. Where were you at approximately 1:30 PM this afternoon? There are complaints that you were causing commotion and stopping me from getting any work done. All I could do was think of you. In most situations this would not be a crime. Unfortunately for you, I decide what is and is not a crime around here. Therefore, I have this search warrant to see if you’re in possession of my mind.

I’ll start by kissing you behind the ear. I have to make sure you don’t have any dangerous pheromones on. I feel your temperature rising. With your hands up and against the wall, I place my palms on the back of your hands and simultaneously run them from the fingertips to your shoulder blades. I press my thumbs inwards from your shoulder blades to the center of your back. I reach around to check your front side. I think I feel something. There is no way I can search you properly if this is how it’s going to be. There is a need to strip search you. I unbutton the top button followed by a kiss on the back of your neck. I take the next button followed by another kiss. As I move my way down the buttons, I open your blouse. The more buttons means the lower I kiss you. I remove your top and you’re in your bra. Every man should be able to remove a bra with one hand so I use one hand to snap your bra off and the other to unbutton your pants. I remove your bra and unzip your pants at the same damn time.

I move in closer to examine you. I keep one hand on your breast. With my free hand, I put two fingers on each side of your pussy. I cuff your pussy tight enough for you to feel the pressure but not tight enough to fright you. While cuffing you with my fingers, I take my thumb and press your midsection backwards to force your ass out and against me. Just like your shirt, your pants need to come off. I drop to my knees and pull your pants down evenly. I can’t help but to notice those cute little dimples above your ass. I kiss the right side. I kiss the left side. I continue to pull your pants down. I remove your pants and leave your thong on. Some things are meant to stay on until the last second. I stand back up and continue my search. I slide your thong to the side. I run my fingers south.

Well! Well! Well! What do we have here? Why are you so wet? If you were so innocent, I wouldn’t have you so wet right now. What should I do with you? No! Shut up! You are under arrest. It doesn’t matter what you did. The only thing that matters right now is how you make me feel. I feel like locking you up. I’ll take you to the holding cell and remove your thong. You can wait on the bed as I determine your sentence. Lay on your back. Let your hands and feet touch the corners of the bed as much as possible. Trust me! I can get you out of this mess that you’ve gotten yourself into. Don’t blame me for you staying on my mind all day long. It’s your fault.  Wit cha fine ass!  Now you have to serve hard time.

You are so attractive lying there naked. I know you are ready to be paroled for good behavior so I won’t waste anymore of your time. I get on top of you. I lock my fingers with yours. I pull toward you. Your juices have eliminated the need for any other lubricants. I take two fingers and insert them inside of you. I give you five short strokes with my fingers to loosen you up. On my way from pulling my fingers out of you, I spread my fingers wide. Instead of inserting a third finger, I thrust my dick inside of you. You brace yourself for impact. I push in deeper. I pull back but not out. You dig into my back. I push in deeper. You used to be so strong. Now you’re feeling weak. I have you right where I want you. I pull out and get up. Take that!

The justice system is not fair. Nor shall I be. You can’t stay on my mind all day and think there are no consequences to pay. You must obey the law. Read These Lipz… Stay Outta My Head!!!!

Should I continue? Do you want Black Phoenix to get back on top? What happens next? Want more?  Comment below and let me know.


Point, Blank, Period

Now is not the time. We can’t do it. Aunt Flo is in town. These are just a few of the lines that a man hates to hear when he is ready to have sex and his lady can’t participate. Most men would put on the pouting face and retreat. Some men would decide to go with the ‘I can do myself’ operation. I am not most men. I am not some men. Read these lips… I am Mr. Nasty. I don’t accept excuses and when it’s time to burn some sexual calories then we are going to make it shake… point, blank, period.

I like to study people. I pay attention to. Your favorite color being pink shit? That’s the easy stuff. I will know what you like to wear. I will know when you’re feeling any kind of way without you telling me. I will even know you well enough to know when your time is coming. I notice shit like a woman is the horniest four to five days before her period. This is the time she comes seeking the dick. Tell a woman you want her right before her period begins and she’d probably beat you to the meeting spot. A woman will steal the dick before her period comes.

Majority of society would frown upon having sex while a woman is on her period. I’m a menace to society. It all started when we were hot and heavy after a long day of shit talking. You know! That Black Phoenix getting nasty talk. During kissing, I reach down to take her belt off. I remove the belt and started to unzip her pants. She grabs my hand and moves them back up to her breasts. Soooo my thinking is that she’s just not ready and I have to put in a little more work. I continue to kiss on her and she’s squirming. I know she wants it. I reached down to unzip her pants again and the last thing I wanted to hear flew out of her mouth – I would fuck you but I’m on my period.

Wait! Hold up! Time out! What the fuck did she just say? Flashback – as “boys”, we often bragged to each other how we fucked her and made her bleed. It was considered more of a badge of honor that we destroyed the pussy. Remember I said as “boys”. We did boyish shit. We knew nothing. Now back to this moment…

I reached down to unzip her pants again and the last thing I wanted to hear flew out of her mouth – I would fuck you but I’m on my period. Please!!! Understand who you are fucking with before you fuck with them. Being a quick thinker, I responded ‘I don’t see any blood coming out of your mouth. I don’t see any blood dripping from your hands. I doubt you’re bleeding from your ass.’ I was letting her know that she had three general options from the “WE’RE DOING SOMETHING DAMMIT!” Playbook. I was getting mine and it was either coming way of her mouth, her hand, or her ass. Pick one.

I was expecting many different replies from her. I thought it would range from ‘let’s just wait’ to ‘ok, I’ll suck your dick’. Maybe a slim chance that she says put it in her ass. What I wasn’t expecting was to hear her say that she still wanted it and she wanted me inside her now. What do I do? Do I run out? Do I play dead? Think, man!!! Is that my phone ringing? Do I finish what I started? Think, man, think!!! My solution was to march my ass in the bathroom and get that dark colored towel and lay it down under her ass. She got that treatment package minus the lickin’. I don’t eat red food at other people’s house.

Today’s lesson is not complicated. Let your views be that of your own. Don’t let society tell you when and when not to have sex. Sometimes, in life, things get messy. You still have to complete the job and cleanup afterwards. She wanted the dick. It was my duty to give it to her. I had an obligation to please her no matter what the barrier was. She asked for the dick and I had to deliver. Point, blank, period.

What are your thoughts? Is sex restricted during her period? If so, I’m a repeat offender. Are you nasty too? Maybe it is disgusting. Whatever your case may be, the next time a period comes around you will think about Black Phoenix.

Stay Moist!


I Cum For You

Dark Knight. Mystic Warrior. Resilient Craftsman. Pussy Carpenter. Step into my shop. Let’s build a world together. Let my hands shape you. Let your imperfections that we created together be the things that make you unique. There should never be another you. There isn’t another you. I can’t compare you to anything else. What the fuck would I compare you to? Nothing gets better than the best. You’re the prettiest thing I’ve seen all day. Beautiful for no reason at all. Ok, I won’t lie. You’re the prettiest thing I’ve seen my whole life. I’m no fool. I’m just a man that has been left motionless by the struggle of watching your body move in such a graceful way. I want you to be aware that your attempt of seduction comes with penalties. You must pay for what you have made me feel inside. You have summoned for me. The gates are now opened. The public is watching. They are aroused by us. They must think we are ‘Those that we don’t speak of’. I’m just your Pussy Guardian. I’m here to protect that pussy. No one should ever hurt it again. You have summoned for me. I am Black Phoenix. I cum for you.

You looked in the mirror this morning. And maybe you said to yourself that something needs to change. Maybe it was something in your appearance. You didn’t feel beautiful. Or maybe you felt beautiful but thought your body just wasn’t right. Stop talking to that fucking mirror. Mirror mirror on the wall! Fuck all that bullshit. That mirror doesn’t see what I see. Try talking to me instead. Look into my eyes. Talk! I will listen. Did I tell you today how much you mean to me? Well I’m sorry that I failed to mention that. I started to tell you but I saw a picture of you today. I instantly went from wanting to talk to you to dreaming about kissing on you.

Please excuse me if I come across as being cruel. I want to paralyze your body everywhere but three specific locations. I want your heart to keep beating because I want you to feel the love that I’m trying to pump thru you. I also need it working because I want to seal all those cracks in your heart from those past relationships that just didn’t work out so well. I also want your mind to function properly. I need you to remember just how it feels to be weak. To remember how it felt to be without love. To know how it felt to get love. You need to think about the wise decision you made when you allowed me to be the one to rebuild you. Finally, I need your pussy intact. I need it wet. I need it ready for insertion. Take all of me. Once I’m inside, squeeze your pussy together. Contractions work best! I have to make that pussy feel good. If you’re not being fucked to a satisfactory rating, it really doesn’t matter what I do with your mind and heart. You won’t let me have them without some good dick. I will only be able to half them. Baby, I want all of you.

Are you lost? Call for help. I cum for you. You dialed the wrong number. You made the foolish mistake of thinking the voice on the other end of the phone could assist you. I’m your customer service representative. How can I fuck you? I like petting. Stroking your pussy with my fingers to get you ready is like the pregame show. One finger first. Nice and slow. I don’t want to make you uncomfortable. Ease it on in there. Push it in deeper. When I see you close your eyes, I insert another finger. Fucking right, I love petting. Taking the two fingers, I push in deep. Pull back but don’t pull out. That’s to let you know that once I’m inside of you I won’t leave. I stick around. Once I see you bite your lip, I insert a third finger. Bend my fingers to 45 degrees and rotate in a circular motion. Hooking my fingers to 90 degrees will hurt you while I’m moving around in there. I’m trying to please you. I’m trying to make you take it from me. Let’s fight!

At this moment… At this very moment, there is nowhere else I would rather be than inside of you. I always encourage others to push hard for whatever they want out of life. All I want out of life right now, at this very moment, is for you to cum for me. As I’m watching my dick stroke in and out of your pussy, I won’t stop until you have glazed my dick. Make it sparkle. Sit on top of me and ride me. Let me play with that pussy while you bounce up and down. Touch yourself. Put your fingers in my mouth. Leave me confused. Do I put my hands on your breast? Do I place my hands on your hips? Do I grip your ass? Confuse me, dammit!!! You’re so fucking nasty. I’m the only innocent one here.

I was summoned here to please you. But just like a woman – you had to take over. You just couldn’t let me do what I needed to do. Never surrender huh? You’re such a funny character. Only because you put a smile on my face. A smile that lasts long after your pussy juices have dried up on the sheets. Promising you everything that your heart could ever desire would be a lie. I can promise you that for the rest of the night your desires will cum repeatedly. Up until the point when – I Cum For You! But you gotta cum first.

Stay Moist!


This Damn Song!

Today I heard a song and I thought about you. It reminded me just how much I missed you. I would give anything to taste your lips right now. How did I go so long without having you? As the song played, I recalled all the times I would walk behind you and slap you on the ass. I would whisper sweet little things in your ear. Things like “I Want You”, “I Gotta Get Inside You”, “Let Me Get That Up Out Cha”, and “No One Has An Ass Like You”. That silly gangsta shit that made you blush but feel special. But nothing moved you more than saying “I Love You, Beautiful!” Grabbing on your ass and bringing your body closer to mine was like rubbing Icy Hot on my chest. I could always feel your body temperature going up. I enjoyed putting my hands between your legs. In the right position, I would always feel your heart beating thru your pussy. I don’t know how you made that thing jump like that. There was power in that pussy. There was power in the way you would push me down on the couch and tell me to relax while you take the load off. As a man that has to be the boss all day and tell everyone else what to do, it was nice to be bossed around at home. It was nice to not have to be the decision maker for once but still get everything I wanted. Me being submissive to you made you feel stronger. You showed gratitude by letting your man run things outside the house and around the house without totally giving up your domain. You maintained a balance. They say the way to a man’s heart is thru his stomach. You were always smart enough to know that you can suck a man’s stomach out thru his dick and take control of that heart. Damn women!!! Feeling your lips on my dick… Having your lips on my dick… Damn! That was some good shit. You were such a tease. Why did you suck the tip of my dick and stop every time? You wanted me to beg? You wanted me to want more. And I wanted more. I got more.

Damn, this song is driving me crazy! I want you! I want you now. I want to walk up behind you. I want you to have on a long black dress with the slit on the side. I want to run my hands along side your legs until I reach the center point of the slit. I want to pull your dress back and touch your ass. I want to feel that pussy heat that you give off so well. Oh my! You feel so good. I wonder what happened to your panties. Did you know this would happen? Did you set me up? You wanted this dick? I want to spread your ass apart. Open your legs. Spread them wide. There you go using that power. I fall to my knees. Whenever you’re angry, you got a bad fucking habit of telling me to kiss your ass. Well, I’m on my knees and I have that ass sitting right there in my face. Are you still angry? No? Well can you be angry just for a brief moment? No? Fuck it then! I’ll kiss your ass anyways.

Damn, this song is driving me crazy! French kissing your pussy seems like the perfect medicine. Would you love that? Would you love it if I turned you around and threw you on the countertop? I could use my thumbs and pry your pussy wide open. Tonight is the night I play your GYN. Let me examine your insides. Let me check you for breast cancer. Sucking on your toes is the best way to test your reflexes. Putting your legs in the air is the best way to test your flexibility. Are you flexible? How are those vocal cords holding up? Say my name. Tell Phoenix how much you want to fly away. I can take you there. Say my name. Hold me tight. It’s ok to just let it go. I’m not here to judge you. I want you to feel free. You have a lil ho in you that’s just screaming to be set free. Be my ho! Let me fuck you right.

Damn, this song is driving me crazy. No matter what I do, I just can’t stop thinking about you. My dick is hard. I want it to go down. I try to think about baseball. I know that will work. However, all I see is you pitching naked. Rubbing on my balls. Trying to release the perfect pitch. I try to think of basketball. That has to work. However, all I see is my dick hitting the rim of your ass. Double Technical Foul! No KY used. Playa ejected. I try to think of football. I know for sure this will work. However, all I see is me running straight up the middle and hitting you in the gut. Touchdown! Fuck it! I’m stuck on you. Nothing is working. Now that’s the definition of a BAD BITCH! Nothing can take my mind off of you. What have you done to me? Oh that voodoo that you do!

Damn, this song is driving me crazy. You got me doing dumb shit. Shit like fantasizing about us chilling on the beach and making love under the stars. Shit like wanting to give up everything to be with you. Shit like thinking of you while I’m with someone else. Shit like wishing I could have those legs wrapped around mine every night before I fall asleep. Shit like wanting to put my dick inside of you and sleeping in your pussy. Shit like praying there was an “US”. Shit like having this damn song on repeat…

Stay Moist!


The Gift

Are you struggling with what you should buy your woman for Valentine’s Day? Is your lady truly into you and the relationship or is she all about what you buy for her while in the relationship? I like to know what type of woman I’m dealing with from the beginning. Find out what you have. This is the perfect time to do so. So what should you buy her? That’s easy! Don’t buy her shit. Not a mother fucking thing at all (at first). Take whatever money you have allocated for her gift and put it to the side for now. You will need it after you find out what type of girl you have. Let’s get started.

The gift is simple and easy to make. Here is what you need: four sheets of notebook paper (wide note for those of you that can’t express yourself in detail), a great writing pen (good grip and doesn’t bleed ink), and your favorite bottle of cologne (preferably the one she likes on you and not the one some other bitch got you). Ok… I assume that you figured out we are writing her a letter. The art of writing a good letter is rare. The key to a good long love letter is filling out the pages. You have to make the person feel like you said a lot even if you said nothing. The handwritten letter should be enough to satisfy her. So here we go…

First, on the top line on the right hand side write today’s date. Don’t use short hand for this letter. For example, 2/14/2015 is ok for an informal letter. Here you want to use February 14, 2015. Remember the key is to make the letter full. Make it fat. Visualize that fat pussy staring at you thru those leggings. Take up as much space as you can. This also means you should stay away from contractions like can’t, shouldn’t, wouldn’t, doesn’t, I’ll, we’re, ect. These are common uses; however, we must remember our goal.

Second, skip two lines from the date and on the left margin write Dear (Nickname). You should never address a personal letter To The Love Of My Life, My One And Only, My Everything, or anything that seems so general. I also recommend not using the person’s first name. The use of the first name makes the letter seem like business. Are you her lover or a bill collector? A nickname is something that lets her know it is directly speaking to her and not meant for another. It draws her into something that is only meant for her. Women love shit that is theirs only. They hate sharing. Selfish asses.

Third, skip two more lines after you’ve addressed her properly. Start your letter with “Hello! I just want to take the time out and let you know just how special you are to me.” Remember “you are” takes up more space than “you’re”. Full letter! “Hello!” will take her guards down. Sometimes men like to get straight to fucking. We don’t want to say hello. We just want to get behind you and pull your pants down and fuck you. That type of fuck is needed to change things up but not today. We are working on your woman’s classification. Letting her know you took the time out does exactly what it says. You stopped whatever it is that you were doing and started something special for her. Nothing came before her. Make her feel good. Earn that pussy.

Next, let her know that you have been thinking about her. If you are struggling with the words to use, you should let her know in the letter. Men have hard times expressing feelings. A woman wants to know how he feels because women like to fix shit. Men are physical fixers. Women are mental fixers. Ok, so you’re writing your love letter. You should start a new paragraph every five sentences or so. Break it up so it doesn’t seem like you’re just running on and on and not getting anywhere. Remember, we have four pages to fill up.

Dedicate a paragraph to how special she is to you. Dedicate another paragraph to how she makes you feel. If there is love in the relationship, don’t be shy on using love and using it often. Everyone wants to be loved. Everyone wants to know that they are loved. Dedicate a paragraph on how beautiful she is. Now she knows that you know she is beautiful. This will excite her. Now you have to seal the deal. Dedicate the next full page to what you want to do to her. Always start with a kiss. Undress her mind. Give her every little detail of what you want to do to her. Make her pussy wet from reading the letter. Mentally fuck her. Now end the letter. Dedicate the last paragraph to all the things you are willing to do to make and keep her happy. Let her know how happy she makes you feel. Make her feel protected. Women want to feel safe. They look for security. Sign your letter with whatever she calls you. That way she knows you actually listen to her.

Now take the cologne and spary each page once. Just a small amount. Don’t be that old fucker that sits at the counter and spray the whole fucking bottle of every sample out. She doesn’t need to gag on cologne. You want her to gag on that dick after she reads the letter. Now fold the letter up.

Give her the letter as soon as possible. She will read the letter and you will know where your relationship really stands. If she reads the letter and walks you to the bedroom and fucks you, you have a woman that appreciates the little things. You just gave her the greatest gift ever. It was genuine. It was from you and not some card. It was hers. She will ride with you when yall have nothing at all as long as you continue to express what she means to you. If she reads the letter and asks where her gift is, you have a woman that is nothing but materialistic. She only cares about what you are buying her. How you treat her doesn’t really matter as long as you are caking her ass with gifts. She’s a user. Get whatever you want out of the deal too.

Remember the money that I told you to put to the side? Now is the time to use it. If you feel like you have the first woman I described, you really need to go out and get her something special. Let her know she is special and you appreciate her. Since every other woman has already received flowers for the holiday, you can send flowers a week later and let her know that the holiday may be over but the love yall share still blossoms. A classy woman will get off on that shit. (We’ll talk about classy women later.) Her officemates will hate her for still getting loved on after the holiday has passed. She will fuck you again when she gets home. Win win!!! If you feel like you have the second woman I described, you can go out and buy a fuck gift. She doesn’t care what it is. She just wants a gift. You just want to fuck. Don’t get her anything special. Try something from Dollar General.

There’s nothing wrong with doing things for your lady if she deserves it. You’re suppose to cake your woman. She’s yours! If you’re caking your lady and she ain’t fucking you, then you have my permission to cheat on her.

I hope I have inspired you to at least pick up the pen and write your thoughts to your lil lady. If you want to write the letter but feel like you just don’t know what to say, please feel free to contact me at BlackPhoenix@readtheselipz.com. I will write a letter for you for the small price off $4.99 (2 pages typed) or $9.99 (4 pages handwritten). Yes, I can charge you because I’m not fucking you.

Stay Moist!