Honey-Do List

There is always something you have to do. You can never find enough time in the day to get everything accomplished. Your Honey-Do list is full of tasks that bring no excitement into your life. The last thing you need is someone else telling you what to do and adding another chore to YOUR list.

Brace yourself for a daily task. We will call it The Honey-Do List. All you have to do is complete the daily task. The time has come for you to give a little bit back to yourself. We hope that you can involve yourself everyday; however, we understand your Honey-Do List can be complicated and our needs may fall to the bottom of YOUR list. Maybe over time you will make us a priority and let us know how your progress is going.

So pick a day. Pick two days. We recommend joining in on the fun everyday.

Message Monday
Texting Tuesday
Workout Wednesday
Takeout Thursday
Freaking Friday
Seduction Saturday
Subliminal Sunday