I Cum For You

Dark Knight. Mystic Warrior. Resilient Craftsman. Pussy Carpenter. Step into my shop. Let’s build a world together. Let my hands shape you. Let your imperfections that we created together be the things that make you unique. There should never be another you. There isn’t another you. I can’t compare you to anything else. What the fuck would I compare you to? Nothing gets better than the best. You’re the prettiest thing I’ve seen all day. Beautiful for no reason at all. Ok, I won’t lie. You’re the prettiest thing I’ve seen my whole life. I’m no fool. I’m just a man that has been left motionless by the struggle of watching your body move in such a graceful way. I want you to be aware that your attempt of seduction comes with penalties. You must pay for what you have made me feel inside. You have summoned for me. The gates are now opened. The public is watching. They are aroused by us. They must think we are ‘Those that we don’t speak of’. I’m just your Pussy Guardian. I’m here to protect that pussy. No one should ever hurt it again. You have summoned for me. I am Black Phoenix. I cum for you.

You looked in the mirror this morning. And maybe you said to yourself that something needs to change. Maybe it was something in your appearance. You didn’t feel beautiful. Or maybe you felt beautiful but thought your body just wasn’t right. Stop talking to that fucking mirror. Mirror mirror on the wall! Fuck all that bullshit. That mirror doesn’t see what I see. Try talking to me instead. Look into my eyes. Talk! I will listen. Did I tell you today how much you mean to me? Well I’m sorry that I failed to mention that. I started to tell you but I saw a picture of you today. I instantly went from wanting to talk to you to dreaming about kissing on you.

Please excuse me if I come across as being cruel. I want to paralyze your body everywhere but three specific locations. I want your heart to keep beating because I want you to feel the love that I’m trying to pump thru you. I also need it working because I want to seal all those cracks in your heart from those past relationships that just didn’t work out so well. I also want your mind to function properly. I need you to remember just how it feels to be weak. To remember how it felt to be without love. To know how it felt to get love. You need to think about the wise decision you made when you allowed me to be the one to rebuild you. Finally, I need your pussy intact. I need it wet. I need it ready for insertion. Take all of me. Once I’m inside, squeeze your pussy together. Contractions work best! I have to make that pussy feel good. If you’re not being fucked to a satisfactory rating, it really doesn’t matter what I do with your mind and heart. You won’t let me have them without some good dick. I will only be able to half them. Baby, I want all of you.

Are you lost? Call for help. I cum for you. You dialed the wrong number. You made the foolish mistake of thinking the voice on the other end of the phone could assist you. I’m your customer service representative. How can I fuck you? I like petting. Stroking your pussy with my fingers to get you ready is like the pregame show. One finger first. Nice and slow. I don’t want to make you uncomfortable. Ease it on in there. Push it in deeper. When I see you close your eyes, I insert another finger. Fucking right, I love petting. Taking the two fingers, I push in deep. Pull back but don’t pull out. That’s to let you know that once I’m inside of you I won’t leave. I stick around. Once I see you bite your lip, I insert a third finger. Bend my fingers to 45 degrees and rotate in a circular motion. Hooking my fingers to 90 degrees will hurt you while I’m moving around in there. I’m trying to please you. I’m trying to make you take it from me. Let’s fight!

At this moment… At this very moment, there is nowhere else I would rather be than inside of you. I always encourage others to push hard for whatever they want out of life. All I want out of life right now, at this very moment, is for you to cum for me. As I’m watching my dick stroke in and out of your pussy, I won’t stop until you have glazed my dick. Make it sparkle. Sit on top of me and ride me. Let me play with that pussy while you bounce up and down. Touch yourself. Put your fingers in my mouth. Leave me confused. Do I put my hands on your breast? Do I place my hands on your hips? Do I grip your ass? Confuse me, dammit!!! You’re so fucking nasty. I’m the only innocent one here.

I was summoned here to please you. But just like a woman – you had to take over. You just couldn’t let me do what I needed to do. Never surrender huh? You’re such a funny character. Only because you put a smile on my face. A smile that lasts long after your pussy juices have dried up on the sheets. Promising you everything that your heart could ever desire would be a lie. I can promise you that for the rest of the night your desires will cum repeatedly. Up until the point when – I Cum For You! But you gotta cum first.

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