Point, Blank, Period

Now is not the time. We can’t do it. Aunt Flo is in town. These are just a few of the lines that a man hates to hear when he is ready to have sex and his lady can’t participate. Most men would put on the pouting face and retreat. Some men would decide to go with the ‘I can do myself’ operation. I am not most men. I am not some men. Read these lips… I am Mr. Nasty. I don’t accept excuses and when it’s time to burn some sexual calories then we are going to make it shake… point, blank, period.

I like to study people. I pay attention to. Your favorite color being pink shit? That’s the easy stuff. I will know what you like to wear. I will know when you’re feeling any kind of way without you telling me. I will even know you well enough to know when your time is coming. I notice shit like a woman is the horniest four to five days before her period. This is the time she comes seeking the dick. Tell a woman you want her right before her period begins and she’d probably beat you to the meeting spot. A woman will steal the dick before her period comes.

Majority of society would frown upon having sex while a woman is on her period. I’m a menace to society. It all started when we were hot and heavy after a long day of shit talking. You know! That Black Phoenix getting nasty talk. During kissing, I reach down to take her belt off. I remove the belt and started to unzip her pants. She grabs my hand and moves them back up to her breasts. Soooo my thinking is that she’s just not ready and I have to put in a little more work. I continue to kiss on her and she’s squirming. I know she wants it. I reached down to unzip her pants again and the last thing I wanted to hear flew out of her mouth – I would fuck you but I’m on my period.

Wait! Hold up! Time out! What the fuck did she just say? Flashback – as “boys”, we often bragged to each other how we fucked her and made her bleed. It was considered more of a badge of honor that we destroyed the pussy. Remember I said as “boys”. We did boyish shit. We knew nothing. Now back to this moment…

I reached down to unzip her pants again and the last thing I wanted to hear flew out of her mouth – I would fuck you but I’m on my period. Please!!! Understand who you are fucking with before you fuck with them. Being a quick thinker, I responded ‘I don’t see any blood coming out of your mouth. I don’t see any blood dripping from your hands. I doubt you’re bleeding from your ass.’ I was letting her know that she had three general options from the “WE’RE DOING SOMETHING DAMMIT!” Playbook. I was getting mine and it was either coming way of her mouth, her hand, or her ass. Pick one.

I was expecting many different replies from her. I thought it would range from ‘let’s just wait’ to ‘ok, I’ll suck your dick’. Maybe a slim chance that she says put it in her ass. What I wasn’t expecting was to hear her say that she still wanted it and she wanted me inside her now. What do I do? Do I run out? Do I play dead? Think, man!!! Is that my phone ringing? Do I finish what I started? Think, man, think!!! My solution was to march my ass in the bathroom and get that dark colored towel and lay it down under her ass. She got that treatment package minus the lickin’. I don’t eat red food at other people’s house.

Today’s lesson is not complicated. Let your views be that of your own. Don’t let society tell you when and when not to have sex. Sometimes, in life, things get messy. You still have to complete the job and cleanup afterwards. She wanted the dick. It was my duty to give it to her. I had an obligation to please her no matter what the barrier was. She asked for the dick and I had to deliver. Point, blank, period.

What are your thoughts? Is sex restricted during her period? If so, I’m a repeat offender. Are you nasty too? Maybe it is disgusting. Whatever your case may be, the next time a period comes around you will think about Black Phoenix.

Stay Moist!


6 thoughts on “Point, Blank, Period”

  1. LMFAO! This some real shit. Been there. This is a nice site. I will definitely be keeping up with it and letting everyone know about it.

  2. Buttercream, here at Read These Lipz, the proper term would be nasty. We So Nasty.

    SluRida, thanks and share the link with all of your accounts. We greatly appreciate it.

  3. Hello! I just would like to give a huge thumbs up for the great info you have here on this post. I will be coming back to your blog for more soon.

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