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I recently did a survey with some of my male friends and associates and they gave me some excellent information. Ladies, I got my hands on some inside information and guess what? We don’t have a clue! Thank you to all who responded to my request for your truths. I appreciate it and I don’t think I would have been able to put this article together without you. I asked the following questions. After the question I will put the condensed version of the answers I received.  Enjoy!

1.  Other than her having a vagina, after meeting a woman for the first time, what would make you want to have sex with her?

Ladies, first impressions are EVERYTHING. This is where you can make or break that first connection. From the answers I got on the survey, men love a nice looking woman, let’s just put the shit out there. They love eye candy, they want to see an attractive woman standing before them. Dress nice and age appropriate. Smell nice. Not too much makeup. A lot of the guys said they love ‘no makeup’ but in my opinion, I don’t think they’ve seen many chicks completely make up free and wouldn’t enjoy that as much as they think they would. While most women think that a man pays attention to only looks on the first encounter, that couldn’t be further from the truth. Men want to listen to a woman speak so they can hear how intelligent she is.  Nobody wants a dummy. Ignorance is not bliss and it is not attractive.
2. Do you expect to have sex on the first date? Do you want to have sex on the first date?

I think this was the question with the most honest answers. It’s plain and simple on this one ladies, men do not expect sex on the first date. They go on the first date to enjoy the date, to get to know you and feel you out, not to fuck you. Sadly, it’s like an interview.
They want to have sex on the first date but it is not at all expected. Most of the guys interviewed even said sex being offered on a first date is a complete turn off and there wouldn’t be a second date. The reason for this is: imagine how many first dates a woman goes on…if she gets down with every man she goes on a date with her ‘number’ skyrockets. Guys like freaks but they don’t like freaks that everybody has had a taste of.  Speaking of taste…
3. Is oral sex acceptable the first time you have sex?

This one is going to hurt ladies. Go get a tissue. I’ll give you a minute…

Okay, the guys don’t want to do it the first time. Period. They just don’t want to and they don’t feel like it’s necessary. This can be party due to the woman not being demanding about it but whatever. It is what it is. They don’t want to do it the first time and they aren’t going to do it the first time. (Unless there’s some lying going on…)  BUT…there’s ALWAYS a big BUT…they will certainly accept it if you are willing to go there. (Go figure!) I don’t know what kind of perks this gets you later on down the line. I got one reply from a man that said he would do it only if he knew for sure he would get it in return. Then 2 guys said they would do it absolutely, hands down. But that’s out of the 20 people I asked so those chances SUCK…no pun intended…

4. What determines if you have sex a second time?

This is the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Most of the guys surveyed said they would always do it a second time no matter what the first time was like. The fear is that the second time may be better and if they just let her go, they will never experience that. The rest of the guys said if there is no sexual chemistry, why waste the time? Here I learned that guys do like passion and sensuality. It’s not just a fuck to them. They are having sex with all the senses. Tantalize all of them!

5. When you meet a woman, what’s the first 3 physical traits you look at?

The replies to this question shocked me the most. While the media has these chicks thinking these guys are honed in on tits and ass it’s the little things that count. Okay, you know some of the guys can’t help themselves and they are going for the tits and ass no matter what BUT that doesn’t determine if a woman is attractive to them. The physical traits men pay attention to are as follows in no particular order.
-EYES!!! This was the number one answer. All but 2 of the guys had eyes in their list of 3 things. I don’t know what it is about the eyes either, nobody elaborated.  I would love comments on this one. Is it the shape, color, make up?
-‘body’ (whatever that means)
-hair/nails: with this one, guys don’t like extremes. No extreme styles or colors. Hair and nails is what the fellas said could embarrass him the most. They don’t like excessive or long weaves.  Guys like braids believe it or not.
-Intellect, job, career (not physical but this answer was frequent)
-Ass: and they want it to be yours, no implants, no injections, no booty enhancing underwear
-Sense of Humor (again, not physical but I got this answer a few times)
-Smell: step your perfume game up, ladies.

6. If a woman isn’t attractive to your standards, name 3 things that would still make you want to have sex with her.

Beer, wine and hard liquor was the funniest answer I got to this question. Bottom line on this one is that most guys aren’t willing to lower their physical standards for a piece of ass. Being under the influence will certainly have them shagging chicks they wouldn’t normally be getting down with. A few guys said that if a women just wants to have sex with no strings attached, they would do it just to do it. This is where having a good sense of humor comes in. Even if you aren’t all that physically attractive, crack a joke, it just may get you laid tonight.  Apparently guys love to laugh.  When I get on a roll, I think I am a comedian.  I’ll laugh all the way to the bedroom…
So, what do you think about the answers I received?  Agree, disagree?  Fellas, I would love to hear your answers to the questions. Maybe you feel different, have a different perspective. If you want to give me your answers in private, email me at  Make sure your answers correspond with the numbers of the questions.  I don’t have time to try to decipher your sexual preference report.

Ladies, I will be surveying you next with a whole new set of questions.  Fellas, BOLO for those answers, you might learn something the same way I did.  I hope this information was helpful to the ladies.

This is a blogpost I think there will be a follow up story on. Hopefully it will be soon.

Kiss the clover!


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