This Damn Song!

Today I heard a song and I thought about you. It reminded me just how much I missed you. I would give anything to taste your lips right now. How did I go so long without having you? As the song played, I recalled all the times I would walk behind you and slap you on the ass. I would whisper sweet little things in your ear. Things like “I Want You”, “I Gotta Get Inside You”, “Let Me Get That Up Out Cha”, and “No One Has An Ass Like You”. That silly gangsta shit that made you blush but feel special. But nothing moved you more than saying “I Love You, Beautiful!” Grabbing on your ass and bringing your body closer to mine was like rubbing Icy Hot on my chest. I could always feel your body temperature going up. I enjoyed putting my hands between your legs. In the right position, I would always feel your heart beating thru your pussy. I don’t know how you made that thing jump like that. There was power in that pussy. There was power in the way you would push me down on the couch and tell me to relax while you take the load off. As a man that has to be the boss all day and tell everyone else what to do, it was nice to be bossed around at home. It was nice to not have to be the decision maker for once but still get everything I wanted. Me being submissive to you made you feel stronger. You showed gratitude by letting your man run things outside the house and around the house without totally giving up your domain. You maintained a balance. They say the way to a man’s heart is thru his stomach. You were always smart enough to know that you can suck a man’s stomach out thru his dick and take control of that heart. Damn women!!! Feeling your lips on my dick… Having your lips on my dick… Damn! That was some good shit. You were such a tease. Why did you suck the tip of my dick and stop every time? You wanted me to beg? You wanted me to want more. And I wanted more. I got more.

Damn, this song is driving me crazy! I want you! I want you now. I want to walk up behind you. I want you to have on a long black dress with the slit on the side. I want to run my hands along side your legs until I reach the center point of the slit. I want to pull your dress back and touch your ass. I want to feel that pussy heat that you give off so well. Oh my! You feel so good. I wonder what happened to your panties. Did you know this would happen? Did you set me up? You wanted this dick? I want to spread your ass apart. Open your legs. Spread them wide. There you go using that power. I fall to my knees. Whenever you’re angry, you got a bad fucking habit of telling me to kiss your ass. Well, I’m on my knees and I have that ass sitting right there in my face. Are you still angry? No? Well can you be angry just for a brief moment? No? Fuck it then! I’ll kiss your ass anyways.

Damn, this song is driving me crazy! French kissing your pussy seems like the perfect medicine. Would you love that? Would you love it if I turned you around and threw you on the countertop? I could use my thumbs and pry your pussy wide open. Tonight is the night I play your GYN. Let me examine your insides. Let me check you for breast cancer. Sucking on your toes is the best way to test your reflexes. Putting your legs in the air is the best way to test your flexibility. Are you flexible? How are those vocal cords holding up? Say my name. Tell Phoenix how much you want to fly away. I can take you there. Say my name. Hold me tight. It’s ok to just let it go. I’m not here to judge you. I want you to feel free. You have a lil ho in you that’s just screaming to be set free. Be my ho! Let me fuck you right.

Damn, this song is driving me crazy. No matter what I do, I just can’t stop thinking about you. My dick is hard. I want it to go down. I try to think about baseball. I know that will work. However, all I see is you pitching naked. Rubbing on my balls. Trying to release the perfect pitch. I try to think of basketball. That has to work. However, all I see is my dick hitting the rim of your ass. Double Technical Foul! No KY used. Playa ejected. I try to think of football. I know for sure this will work. However, all I see is me running straight up the middle and hitting you in the gut. Touchdown! Fuck it! I’m stuck on you. Nothing is working. Now that’s the definition of a BAD BITCH! Nothing can take my mind off of you. What have you done to me? Oh that voodoo that you do!

Damn, this song is driving me crazy. You got me doing dumb shit. Shit like fantasizing about us chilling on the beach and making love under the stars. Shit like wanting to give up everything to be with you. Shit like thinking of you while I’m with someone else. Shit like wishing I could have those legs wrapped around mine every night before I fall asleep. Shit like wanting to put my dick inside of you and sleeping in your pussy. Shit like praying there was an “US”. Shit like having this damn song on repeat…

Stay Moist!


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